Bob Riggle and Hemi under Glass

Hemi under Glass on the hill at Goodwood

Hemi under Glass on the hill at Goodwood

Great video of the legendary Bob Riggle, driver of Hemi under Glass. I saw Bob and the car first at the Royal Chelsea Hospital for the press launch of the 2001 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Bob fired up the hemi on the narrow path alongside the hospital, stood the car on its tail and you could hear jaws drop all around you

Hemi under GlassĀ is a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda with a supercharged 426 Hemi sitting where the back seat should be. It’s steered by looking through a window in the firewall and, on this latest version, using rear steer brakes

The original car was built in 1965 as a competitive dragster but ended up a wheelstander because of the great public reaction to the car

The video includes some great side-by-side wheelstanding antics plus footage of the Little Red Wagon, the LA Dart, the Paddy Wagon, the Fugutive, the Backup Pickup and the Flipover truck

Bob got a great reception at Goodwood and, when he wasn’t driving, spent the weekend with a perpetual smile on his face. He was thrilled to receive an award from Lord March on the Sunday evening and shared the stage with a certain promising young Formula 1 driver – Jenson Button 

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