2019 | MENCLUB Wolf Countach EIICHI OKADO

Japanese video featuring a custom Countach built for Walter Wolf. Lucky owner Eiichi Okado owns a speciality Lamborghini shop in Japan which led to him buying the car

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2019 | World Tour in a Porsche 928

Short video describing an extraordinary World Tour in a classic Porsche 928 – one of my favourite cars – with Frenchman Philippe Delaporte

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2018 | Cizeta-Moroder V16T

The Cizeta-Moroder V16T supercar was conceived by Claudio Zampolli, styled by Marcello Gandini and built in the backstreet artisan workshops of Modena. It’s a unique 1980s time capsule

In this documentary car #001 – the only one to bear Giorgio Moroder’s name – is brought back to life at the workshops of Bruce Canepa

If you need more information, seek out a back copy of Car magazine for a three or four-page article by Steve Cropley detailing the genesis of the car

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2018 | 2JZ-GTE-powered BMW M3 at Osnabruck Hillclimb

1300 BHP M3 in hillclimb action at Osnabruck

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