2002 Exeter Trial Photo Gallery

Rare Renault 8S on the 2002 Exeter Trial

Rare Renault 8S on the 2002 Exeter Trial

Trials are one of the best-kept secrets in motorsport. They’re great fun for competitors and spectators and the emphasis is on participation, not on the size of your motorhome or the thickness of your wallet. The Motorcycling Club specialises in organising fiendishly difficult trials for motorcycles¬†and cars and the Exeter Trial is one of the key events in their calendar

This photo gallery comes from the 2002 Exeter Trial. There were lots of entries in Class O, which features a “less demanding route”, but for most of the event the Class O cars compete alongside the traditional specialised trials cars like HRGs and Dellows and one-offs like home-brewed three-wheelers and ally-panelled buggies


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