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2024 | Gunsai Snow Battle

Three cars in the Gunsai Touge course in deep snow – AE86 vs S2000 vs Infinity G35. It’s fun to see the well-known Gunsai track in snow and it’s clearly difficult to drive

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2024 | Ferrari F40 Driving & Drifting

POV video of an F40 being driven & drifted on the Continent

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2024 | BMW 3.0CSi restored by Davide Cironi

Davide Cironi restores an abandoned 3.0CSi Coupe – probably the prettiest BMW ever made

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2024 | Goodwood 78MM Tom Kristensen GT40 Onboard

Tom Kristensen in action at the Goodwood Members Meeting in 2021. Interesting to watch him reel in other cars – the GT40 is obviously fast, but his choice of lines and careful overtaking clearly show his class If you’ve ever … Continue reading

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