2009 Retro Rides Photo Gallery

Retro Rides is more Low & Slow than Fast & Furious and I rather like that. It’s very much about style but there’s plenty of slick fabrication & trick engineering on show if you know where to look

One obvious difference between Retro Rides and “ordinary” classic car shows is in the number of Japanese cars on display. Drifting has played a big part in this – as the popularity of drifting spread from Japan to the USA, American drivers naturally used the cars they saw the Japanese using. The same phenomenon happened in Europe but with a twist – there are now lots of BMW E30 drift cars in Germany and Ireland, Volvos and even Mercedes in Scandinavia and Ford Escorts just about everywhere

The narrow twisty test track at Sparkford allowed “Captain Sideways” Declan Hicks to show what his home-built Toyota Soarer can do


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