1970 – Tasman Race Series, Warwick Farm, Sydney, Australia

Production Touring Car race from Warwick Farm featuring the Ford Falcon GT HO, Holden Monaro and Alfa 1750 GT saloons. Great black & white footage from 1970 courtesy of ABC Sport Australia

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1979 – Gerry Marshall and the Dolomite Sprint

Gerry Marshall, Barrie Williams, Tony Llanfranchi, Andy Rouse, Barry Sheene, Roger Clark, Rex Greenslade and Mark Thatcher. Mark Thatcher? Action from Silverstone and Thruxton

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McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 at Laguna Seca

If, like me, you’re a little bored of the “Battle of the Hypercars” and the resultant journalistic hyperbole, join Randy Pobst as he compares the Porsche and the McLaren on track. An experienced race driver, Pobst is articulate, enthusiastic and very analytical as he compares the two. For me he’s the key to the Motor Trend features as he gives such detailed feedback about the cars

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Jay Leno Mercedes 300SEL 6.3

Jay Leno is a bone fide car guy and his enthusiasm shines through in this video of the 300 SEL 6.3. As a young man he delivered these cars for a Boston Mercedes dealer and his passion for these German hot rods is undimmed

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