Chris Harris | Top Gear | Honda NSX

Chris Harris, a Honda NSX plus the Top Gear production values = a great little film

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Bugatti Veyron Vitesse chasing the Mille Miglia 2013

EVO founder Harry Metcalfe’s video series can be patchy, and the video wobbly, but who cares? He understands cars and car people and his enthusiasm is infectious

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Andreas Bakkerud RX Qualifying

Andreas Bakkerud pulls off a superb win in qualifying despite a broken rear link making the Focus almost undriveable

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Mercedes C111

One of the few really forward-looking concept cars, the C111 dates back to 1969, the year the Ford Capri and Austin Maxi were launched. If you ever wondered why the British car industry imploded so spectacularly, the contrast between the C111 and the Maxi might give you a clue as to the reason

The gullwing doors featured on the 1954 300SL, and that car presaged the C111, but the C111 acted as a technology testbed for the company. Mercedes used it to develop & test the Wankel engine, the 5-cylinder turbodiesel and other technologies

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