2019 | BBI Motorsport Porsche 911 Pikes Peak Class Record

Raph Astier sets a new class record on his way to second overall in the 2019 Pikes Peak hillclimb. The build of the car was featured in a Hoonigan video series and it’s worth watching, if only to marvel at the ridiculously short build time for the car. Props to Astier – from the video he’s clearly super-committed, super-accurate and next-level. Romain Dumas rates him so you know he’s probably quite handy…

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2019 | Mercedes A45 engine assembly

Affalterbach: assembly process of the M139 2020-model A45 engine, the world’s most powerful series production four-cylinder engine (421 bhp)

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2019 | Chris Harris drives the Porsche 919

It’s a measure of the skill & intelligence of Chris Harris that he can extract meaningful experiences, and give context to the car, after a relatively short drive. The all-conquering 919 certainly impresses

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2019 | MENCLUB Wolf Countach EIICHI OKADO

Japanese video featuring a custom Countach built for Walter Wolf. Lucky owner Eiichi Okado owns a speciality Lamborghini shop in Japan which led to him buying the car

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